Artiom Dashinsky

Hello, my name is Artiom. I’d love to give you a 2-hour design consultation for a cup of coffee*

* Terms & Conditions may apply No catches, no contracts, no bullshit.

About me

I’m a product designer and entrepreneur with 7 years of experience in tech industry. I helped to build and improve UI, UX, marketing and branding strategies of companies like Tvinci, HelpAround, InVision, Mobilize, Commerce Scineces, Webydo, SodaStream, Startup Nation Central.

I co-founded HelloDebug, built EmojiKey, Startup Design Jobs, Retinize It, Haser, DN Stats, PH Stats and wrote some stuff.

After living in 8 different countries this year I'm coming back to visit Tel Aviv in January 2016. I’d love to help startups, entrepreneurs and nonprofits to build better products during my visit.

Please keep in mind that I will help organisations that I will subjectively find interesting.

What you’ll get

Schedule a 2-hour design consultation

Tel Aviv, January 2016 (or any other place remotely)

Are you looking for a free consultation in other areas of expertise?

Here are some of my friends who decided to join me in giving a consultation for a cup of coffee.

Roy Vidu icon

Roy Vidu, Product Manager

Roy and I worked together at Tvinci, where he was the Director of Product. He also held key product positions in Kaltura and Mako. Today he works for Juno (a startup still in stealth mode).

Schedule a meeting with Roy

Maxim Veksler icon

Maxim Veksler, Backend and iOS Development

Max is my co-founder with an extensive experience in backend and server side in recent years focusing in iOS development.

Schedule a meeting with Max

Roy Doron icon

Roy Doron, Entrepreneur and Coach

Roy did a fascinating shift in his career from being entrepreneur to being both physical and mental coach. Roy would love to take your team for a free 2-hour sport-training.

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